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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Voter Says Fuck Labour – Maybe

The following comment by bifess was in reply to the comment in italics below by GuyFawkesForPM. It refers to an article in the Guardian. Read the full article here. Watching them file in to vote for A50 with the Tories, as the official opposition, I vowed never to vote Labour again as long as I live.


So It Seems You are Also Probably Related To Benedict Cumberbatch And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle As Well

Here’s an interesting example of how the press constantly give out half-truths and misleading information. This from a comment in the Indy. It is interesting that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle share John O’Gaunt as a common ancestor, but perhaps not such a coincidence when the statistics are considered. Each of us has


Is Our Awards System Leading To Youngsters Only Wanting To Be Famous

From The Indy Without detracting from the achievements of those attracting honours in the New Year’s List, I have become increasingly sceptical about the message given to the nation, particularly its young members, by the media coverage. As usual, the selection making the headlines included those from entertainment and, in the year of the Olympics,

Jeremy Corbyn

2017: How Many Corbyn Supporters does it take to Change… anything? (long read)

Apparently, our problem is “Blairites”. We’re not supposed to say “Blairite” any more and “moderates” is a misnomer – this isn’t about left and right. Perhaps the word is “modernisers”. Blair claimed he was a “moderniser” and therefore, whatever he wanted to do was “modern”. Hence “Progress”, I guess. They are the reason we who


Brexit D-Day. This Time We Will Not Be Crossing The Channel – But We May Sink Into It

Friday, 31st March 2017: D-DAY FOR THE GREAT BRITISH POUND By Friday, 31st March 2017… Theresa May plans that Britain will have finally begun its exit from Europe. But as it does, trigger-happy traders and EU bureaucrats could and probably will unleash a devastating attack on the Great British Pound… forcing its value to plummet…


Brexit Must Lead To New British Constitution: Republic

Campaigners have said Britain now risks a collapse in confidence in our political system, and have called for wide-ranging changes to Britain’s constitution following the Article 50 ruling. Campaign group Republic has said that the ruling highlights need to clarify the powers of the government, parliament and people – in a new written constitution. Graham


Brexit Bawling and Trump Trauma

I voted Remain and I was a bit shell-shocked the morning after the referendum. On the other hand, I abhor Donald Trump but I don’t feel any worse this week than I did last week. I do not know all the details of political history or of current politics. I know a bit more than


Tory Britain – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Policies Of A Sociopathic Government

Tens of thousands of families face being made homeless and thrown into poverty because of the new benefits cap , campaigners warn. However the work and pensions secretary, Damian Green, has said the cap, which will be lowered from today, costing almost 90,000 of Britain’s poorest families more than £2,000 a year, is a “real success”.

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