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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Archives for May 2016

Let’s Keep Our PCs In Top Operating Condition – We Have 10 Copies Of WinOptimizer 14 Worth £17.99 To Give Away Free

Today our computer systems are capable of ‘talking’ to other systems across the globe. Our news, information, programs and data enter our computers via wireless connections. We even chat to our friends and relatives around the world via programs such as Skype. Our computers have become more than a tool, they have become an essential

Look An Animal – Shoot It

Here’s one for the environmentalists and those that simply think animals are not here for our fun. A hunter has just shot a rare ‘grolar bear’ in Canada. This is a cross between a polar and a grizzly bear. Now some researchers warn that this hybrid bear could ultimately spell the end of the polar bear.

Inquiry Needed Into Prince Andrew Revelations

Reprinted with the kind permission of Republic Campaigners have called for an inquiry into Prince Andrew’s business affairs after revelations about private deals that pocketed him £4m. Following reports in the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror read here, Republic has called for an inquiry into the business dealings of Prince Andrew.  The group has said

One Big Battle

As a member of Unite Community and of Momentum, I am usually involved in several local campaigns. I have often found myself in discussion with people about what the apparently very different campaigns have in common. Housing, schools, health, transport, even the plight of local businesses or once-funded arts organizations – everywhere you look, people

Come On Dave Try To Do The Right Thing For A Change

David Cameron has admitted it’s possible his party broke spending rules in the 2015 general election. The PM acknowledged any “misdeclarations or things left out” would have to be resolved and said: “In the end I’m responsible for everything”. But the Tory leader insisted his officials had not broken the law or done anything wrong

The connection between the junior doctors’ contract and the American corporate takeover of the NHS

The connection between the junior doctors’ contract and the American corporate takeover of the NHS Dr Bob Gill (@DrBobGill) explains the unreported and sinister drive behind the push for changing junior doctors’ contracts. KOSHH (http://koshh.org)   What is going on right now? The latest assault on the NHS involves the imposition of a new contract

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