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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Archives for June 2016

Southern apologises for their lack of inclination to run trains (August update)

The article below was published in June. This update has been added on 6th August. The situation at Southern trains remains unresolved, the government continues to allow the company (GTR, or Govia) ever more leeway in not running trains. Still low on staff numbers, they reached a point recently where they had to call the

So Farage Claims By Leaving The EU We Will Be Able To Welcome More People From The Third World – Pull The Other One

At the recent ITV EU Referendum programme with Nigel Farage the following conversation took place. ‘During the migration section of the debate, I asked Farage how the leavers were going to protect non-white British citizens from endless questions about their identity or nationality because of his inflammatory anti-immigration rhetoric. He told me my outlook “couldn’t

CORBYN by Richard Seymour - book cover

The Battle Ahead: review of Richard Seymour’s “CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics”

If you are frustrated by the inertia, corruption and alienation of modern politics; if you are impressed by the occasional individual – Caroline Lucas perhaps – who manages to fight their way into our political system without losing their grip on reality, then you are probably praying Jeremy Corbyn survives in government. If that’s how

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