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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Queen Camilla Is Coming Whether You Want IT Or Not – No Vote For You In Our ‘Democracy’

Today’s (16/6/16) ComRes poll for the Mail shows more than half of the British public 55% are still opposed to Camilla becoming Queen, with just 32% accepting that she should have the title, and the rest undecided. Now if we split the undecided down the middle that gives us over 60% of the country not wanting a Queen Camilla. A sizeable if not soon to be ignored majority. What price democracy when the unelected Head Of State’s wife, a position closely allied to the position with massive influence is so unwanted. And what about King Charles III?


The graphic on the left shows that support for abdication of the present Queen peaked in 1990, when almost half of the country were keen to see the Queen pass on the reins of power.

However, enthusiasm for “King Charles” plummeted soon afterwards. This is likely to be due to the public breakdown of Charles’s marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1992, amid allegations of quote1infidelity, and her subsequent death in 1997.

The most recent data shows that 70 per cent of those polled would prefer the Queen to remain on the throne.

The Prince’s well-documented opinions on a range of issues, including the black spider memos sent to government ministers, have also raised doubts about his ability to remain politically neutral.

The Guardian‘s Polly Toynbee has a simple solution to the problem: “Let Queen Elizabeth reign until the end – then stop this charade”.

She adds: “Imagine how abolishing the monarchy would open all the dusty constitutional cupboards to the sunlight of reform. Let her reign as long as she lives – but let her be Elizabeth the Last.”

However that will not be a decision that will ever be up to the likes of you or me. And it seems very unlikely that the establishment will move to change one of the bedrocks that keeps the Status Quo so secure.

Republic would agree in part with Polly but may not be willing to wait for the Queen’s death for changes to take place preferring an abdication. They see a chance for a democracy not ruled over by wealth, privilege and entitlement as the way forward into the 21st century.

From their website

“Replacing the monarchy with a democratic alternative – an elected head of state – will make a real difference to the country. It isn’t the answer to every issue we face, but it will give us a better democracy and will solve some real problems.

  • When Britain becomes a republic we will at last make sure that our nation’s democratic values go right to the top.  We will change the political culture and our relationship with those in power.  Ordinary citizens will be able to take part in the process of choosing our head of state and even put themselves forward for the job.
  • Becoming a republic will put a stop to the royals’ routine abuses of public money and their daily interference in our country’s politics.  In a republic the Windsor family will be equal citizens too, with the same rights to take part in the political process as the rest of us, but no special access or privileged status.
  • A move to a republic will give us the chance to re-balance power between government, parliament and the people.  By getting rid of the Crown we can put limits on what our government can do without the support of parliament – and put limits on what parliament can do without the clear support of the people.
  • A republic will give us an effective head of state, someone chosen by us to referee the political process and champion the interests of the British people.
  • A democratic Britain will also give a huge boost to ‘brand Britain’.  Our nation’s image abroad will be of the modern, confident and forward looking country we really are.  As VisitBritain says in their guide to promoting Britain, we can avoid the cliché-ridden imagery of the past and promote our heritage as a living part of a dynamic, positive and modern nation.

Becoming a republic solves some immediate problems – but it also gives the people the power to continue making Britain a more democratic and fairer place to live.

Of course, this is a very British republic.  Our heritage and history will remain with royal palaces (that are already owned and paid for by the taxpayer) open all year for tourists.  This campaign is about building on the best of what we already have, taking our political institutions and making them genuinely democratic and there for the people, not the few.”

A powerful argument but one that will not win whilst the present Head Of State (HoS) remains on the throne. And who will bring about the change? Will there ever be offered a referendum on such an issue? Don’t hold your breath. Republic offer a view of what a democratically elected HoS should be like and can be viewed here.

So we can vote in as many polls as we like on who and how our HoS  is chosen. We just need to accept that we will never vote for our HoS.




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