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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Does Amber Rudd Mean Another Bankruptcy – This Time The UK

Amber Rudd has been an MP for just over 6 years and yet today she holds one of the top ministerial posts. Why?

Could it be that her experience in business prior to entering parliament has more than adequately prepared her for high office. Will she be bringing her wealth of experience to the job?

Well it seems her wealth of experience seems to have been with making people poorer. Investors in the companies she has been involved in as well as you and I, the taxpayers. And whilst we are on tax it seems Rudd is pretty good at avoiding it if we go by her involvement with off-shore companies.


And these people run our country. God help us all.


Companies the Home Secretary has been involved in there ‘not too good’ business life.


Amber Rudd became a director of Lawnstone in the late 1980s along with her mother. Her father, stockbroker Tony Rudd, had been described as “totally unfit” to be a company director in a report by the Department of Trade and Industry into an investment trust called Greenbank. Tony Rudd, remained a shareholder and was reportedly paid as a consultant. In 2014, he donated £5,000 to Mrs Rudd’s political office.

Portsville (finance)

Rudd was a director of Lawnstone when it bought Portsville Finance Limited in April 1991. The next year’s accounts reveal Portsville was put into receivership owing £537,581 including £67,977 to the Inland Revenue. Portsville was owed £575,271 by related firm Tobias Holdings Limited, also run by Rudd. Filings signed by Rudd indicate this loan was never repaid and Tobias went into liquidation.

Zinc Metallurgical

Rudd was a founding director in Zinc Metallurgical Products PLC, set up in 1996 to develop a “revolutionary” zinc extraction process. It became The Zinc Corporation PLC and raised more than a million pounds in investment but lost £1.2million in three-and-a-half years before being bought by Monticello plc and renamed Warkworth. Rudd was a director until May 2000. In 2002 it was wound up by the High Court over unpaid debts.


She was a director of Monticello PLC when chief exective Mark O’Hanlon gave a misleading interview in January 2000 about the company’s prospects. The share price soared but the firm went into liquidation three years later owing £1.8million. Rudd resigned five months after the interview . A probe led to O’Hanlon being jailed for 18 months. A court heard “many investors lost a very considerable sum of money”.

Environmental Polymers

Rudd joined Environmental Polymers PLC, a biodegradable plastics company, as a “corporate advisor” in 1999 and sat on the board for nine months, during which it began a “major expansion”. It raised £4.5million from investors after floating on the stock market but losses rose from £1.2m in 1999-2000 to £2m in 2000-1 and £2.7m in 2001-2. It went into liquidation in 2003 owing £4.8m, mostly to shareholders.

Investors Noticeboard

She was a founding director of financial services firm Investors Noticeboard, set up in 1999. It was a subsidiary of INB plc, of which she was also a director from 2000 to 2003. Investors Noticeboard went into a “Company Voluntary Arrangement” in March 2001 owing £368,214 but failed to meet payments and was wound up. INB owed £1.2million to investors when it went into liquidation in December 2001.

2 Responses “Does Amber Rudd Mean Another Bankruptcy – This Time The UK”

  1. Kay
    5th October 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Bankrupcy is a business strategy used by people who don’t have a problem with leaving others to pay their bills and walking out richer. It does not show a lack of ‘business acumen’ it shows a lack of responsibility. In this case, on a huge scale and repeated cheerfully time and again, with the proceeds going off shore. Thanks, Amber!

    • Ken Long
      5th October 2016 at 4:53 pm

      Completely agree Kay. Just the kind of people we shouldn’t have in posts of responsibility.

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