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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jeremy Hunt – Hasn’t He Been Called That Before?

Now I know it really is not on to take the mick out of peoples looks but when it comes to Tory Ministers it seems only fair game to do it. After all they have had no qualms in plunging tens of thousands of people into poverty in this country over the past six years. So with that let’s go.

Is it me or does Jeremy Hunt look as if he should be appearing as a children’s entertainer on the BBC? Seems right really as the BBC often invites Tory MPs on to ‘entertain’ the viewers with lies, half-truths and misinformation. The BBC even supplies their own ‘Tories’ heavily disguised as ‘Political Reporters and Editors’. Just a minute. This article was supposed to be about a Tory Minister not the BBC. Then again can anyone spot the difference.








Of course he has been referred to what he has over his head in the third picture above on more than one occasion. Here’s one of them.





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