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Thursday, January 24, 2019

We Must Stop These Foreigner Proprietors And Tax Avoiders From Speading Hatred And Division

Today I awoke to headlines I would never have imagined seeing in this country. The rabid Tory right-wing was using headlines to encourage hatred and division in the UK in a way that would probably lead to criminal prosecutions in any other country.  And the amazing thing is everyone of the proprietors of these appalling  rags is either not British or does not reside in this country or pay taxes in this country. And yet they are encouraging citizens to not accept the rule of law and attacking our judiciary by calling them ‘Enemies Of The People’.

The real enemies of the people are these manipulative greedy right-wingers. Murdoch, the Barclay Brothers and Rothermere  amongst others. Whether you voted to leave or stay in the referendum I ask that you consider what these people are doing to our country. The Tories since 2010 have operated a policy of divide and conquer with their skivers v strivers ETC nonsense. These appaling newspapers are now taking it to the next level. If you buy these newspapers think carefully about what they are doing to your country whilst they live in luxury abroad.

I personally have made a complaint to IPSO (see below). Please consider doing the same. Don’t leave it to someone else. We need to tackle these people before they turn this country of ours into the cesspit they seem so eager to create. Now it is reasonable to expect IPSO to try to avoid any conflict with there members, the newspapers. But only by letting them know we have had enough will we get our point across.



Dear Sirs

I should like to make a complaint against the following newspapers. The Mail, The Express, The Sun and The Telegraph. My complaint relates to the front page stories of these newspapers on the 4th November 2016.

I feel they are in their respected headlines encouraging  thoughts of hatred against individuals and an unhealthy attitude towards the rule of law in the UK. Putting the photographs of people on the front page and adding the heading ‘Enemies Of The People’  and  using words like ‘…. your country really does need you’  plus using other emotive language such as ‘Loaded Foreign Elite Defy Will Of Brit Voters’ really is using the power of the press to cause trouble and division.

Ken Long

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