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Thursday, January 24, 2019

It’s A Fact. Ken Loach’s Film Is Not True To Life. It Doesn’t Show How Bad It Really Is

As bad as the lives in Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake are depicted they almost fade into the background when compared to true stories of what is happening in our country today under this Tory governments rule. Below is just one such story.  We need to look at what has happened to our country. The name of the poster has not been shown in this article. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. The comment came from our original article which can be read here.

Yes this is the evil. It destroyed my marriage being disabled. Simply because my spouse would not be punished for working. My spouse, would have to not only assist me but would have to take on the full financial burden. That is the problem. We are both dependant on two incomes to be able to live. One income would leave us unable to live.
After three years of trying to be a couple, living apart. We were able to see each other because I had a mobility vehicle. When DWP changed the requirements for mobility. I found myself on the low rate. Now I have to pay my own car without the income. I still cannot walk far. Use a walking aid. But the stress was too much. I had a heart attach, I have bi lateral multi focal emboli. Means I cannot breath as well, cough a lot and feel like dying. I have no reason to live longer. Love was taken away. But I carry on. For the last four months I’ve been in reassessment. I don’t know if I will have PIP or any income in a weeks time. I live each four week period wondering if I still have PIP or not. Wondering if I loose my PIP and my ESA get reduced down to £70 a week. I’m in fear. Shortly I might not be able to afford to live. That will solve itself, either I will have the correct benefits or I will cease to exist. My going will hardly cause a ripple. Seeing as I have no family worth speaking of. Welcome to Tory Britain. Iain Duncan Smith should be tried in the Haig for crimes against humanity.”

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