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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tory Britain – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Policies Of A Sociopathic Government

Tens of thousands of families face being made homeless and thrown into poverty because of the new benefits cap , campaigners warn. However the work and pensions secretary, Damian Green, has said the cap, which will be lowered from today, costing almost 90,000 of Britain’s poorest families more than £2,000 a year, is a “real success”. So there you have it. Taking more money from the poorest is seen as a great success in Tory Britain. Can I just ask how much lower do we need to go as a nation before we reach the bottom. Charities have warned the new measures will leave 112,000 families responsible for 320,000 children up to £115 a week worse off. The reduction in the cap will also hit an estimated 42,000 single parents. The Children’s Society says the harsher rules could lead to more families being made homeless and forced to move away from their children’s friends and schools. Just how much more does this satanic government need to grind the working people into the dirt to satisfy their macabre political dogma. Do they have no conscience. No morals. These sociopathic bastards are now happy to accept the poverty and deaths of thousands of their fellow citizens. Their profile fits a sociopath like a glove:

A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals. 

Green seems to fit this description very well as he makes statements like “By making sure that those people who are out of work are faced with the same choices as those who are in work, (that would be heat or eat would it Damian) the benefit cap has been a real success,” 

“By lowering the cap today, we are ensuring the values of this government continue to chime with those of ordinary working people and delivering on our commitment to make sure work pays more than welfare.”

So let’s have a look at work paying. The so called National Living Wage (NLW) is set at £7.20 an hour. That means you would need to work for more than 5 hours to equal the money claimed in expenses for breakfast by the likes of Green and his predecessor IDS. So £7.20 an hour for a 40 hour week brings in £288 a week. Assuming that is you get 40 hours a week and don’t work for any of the many companies that now offer Zero Hour Contracts (ZHC). Now keeping with the premise that your employer is not operating ZHC so you receive holiday pay we can multiply that by 52 to give you a full annual salary of… wait for it… £14,976. As this is above the £11,000 Personal Allowance that will mean £3000 being subject to tax. Of course it doesn’t work like that as a whole number of in-work benefits come into play to subsidise the poverty (National Living) wages being paid. So clearly the 3.2 million workers on the NLW are neither earning a liveable wage or finding that work pays. According to government figures 1.3 million of these have to claim housing benefit.  But it is not just those on the NLW that earn too little to survive.  The Office of National Statistics showed in 2015 13.7 million households relied on benefits to get through the month. That figure means 1 in 2 households in Britain today are on the poverty line relying on benefits to survive. Remember the majority of these households have at least one member in work.

OK to get back to Green’s magnificent statement “our commitment to make sure work pays more than welfare.”  We have to assume he is referring to the other half of households not claiming benefits and not the 13.7 million households who work is definitely not paying. So Mr Green perhaps you need to amend your statement along the lines of our “commitment to make sure work pays more than welfare for all those in work and not earning the NLW.”

And what’s more Green is happy for the poor to get even poorer. It is now obvious with todays announcements in food price rises that inflation will rise. However Green has said that the cap would not be removed, even if inflation rose significantly, thus reducing people’s real incomes even more. Asked if the measure could be reconsidered if annual inflation rose above 2.5%, he replied: “No, there’s no intention to reconsider the cap.” So much for May’s ‘Just managing families’ clap trap. So when will they say ‘Let them eat cake’

The fresh squeeze on some of the poorest families comes as research suggests rising inflation means the “just managing” households Theresa May has said she wants to help face four years of stagnating living standards.

A four-year freeze on working age benefits announced in the July 2015 budget could reduce incomes for the poorest 50% of households by an average of 1% in real terms, given the expected rise in inflation, a report by the Resolution Foundation claims.

 The Children’s Society says “There are already 3.9 million children living in poverty across Britain and the new cap is likely to cause that total to rise. Children’s health, well-being and mental health could all be put at risk,” the Society says. Is this another thing Green sees as a ‘success’.

But what about the other ‘half’ mentioned in the headline. Well of course it’s not the other half but just the top 10%. With half the nation on benefits of some kind and the other 40% in near income stagnation we are left with the winners in Tory Britain.

Britain’s billionaires have seen their net worth more than double since the recession, with the richest 1,000 families now controlling a total of £547bn. Their assets have increased from £258bn in 2009, a rise of more than 112%, according to the 2015 Sunday Times Rich List. The past 12 months saw the biggest bounce for the UK super-rich in six years, and London now has 80 billionaires, up from 72 last year – more than any other world city. The Tory government has ensured this has happened with favourable tax moves and other incentives to please the 10%.

But wait. It’s all so clear now. This is what Green is alluding to. Foolishly we assumed he was referring to ordinary people in ordinary underpaid jobs but of course he meant cutting benefits was a way of getting all those workers on the fast track to join the 10%. Good old Tories. Always looking after us. The economy, NHS, our future all safe in their hands.

Just a quick question to the government ‘how are the trade negotiations going people’ ……. Anyone ……… In your own time.

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