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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brexit Bawling and Trump Trauma

I voted Remain and I was a bit shell-shocked the morning after the referendum.

On the other hand, I abhor Donald Trump but I don’t feel any worse this week than I did last week.

I do not know all the details of political history or of current politics. I know a bit more than average perhaps, because I read widely – not the corporate press but blogs and articles by people who are involved – but I don’t know for sure whether the Brexit result was good or bad and I challenge anyone who is sure that they know. It’s immensely complicated.

eu-posterYes, I see lots of benefits we got from EU involvement – both nationally and locally. I worry how our local council is going to get on without the EU grant money they have been using to protect local services from a criminally inadequate budget from the Tory government. But in the long term, who can be sure what’s best? The EU belongs, to a great extent, to bankers and the arms-dealing business establishment. Wasn’t it the EU that threw Greece into disaster? Were we heading the same way?

I know leaving the EU is not simple, and those who are now huffing and complaining and shouting “get on with it” haven’t grasped the fact that our law and EU law have been part of one enormous, complex entity for so long that leaving is probably a lifetime’s work for an army of lawyers – but I find that brings an interesting analogy to mind. It’s that choice you have when you look at the huge heap of clutter in a cupboard. You could just tidy it up a bit and dust round the edges or you could haul it out into the sunlight, dig around for anything you actually need, and throw away the rest. The latter is always satisfying and allows for a clean, new start.

So – we had a Brexit result and a long, puzzled delay. Let’s power into that gap and get ourselves a government that’s keen to make something new and clean out of the situation – there’s only one line-up that’s willing to give that a try – the Corbyn government.


The Trump presidency did not have the same effect on me. Sanders would have been a better option – although Sanders was far more business-as-usual than our Corbyn;  he isn’t really sure he’s anti-war and anti-killing. Corbyn is clear on that. – but yes, I’m sure Sanders would have been better than Trump or Clinton. What I’m not sure of is whether Trump’s worse than Clinton. And, I suggest, nor are you, really. Many people were surprised how ‘normal’ Trump was, when he made his ‘now I’m president’ speech. He’s not that far outside the murderous US establishment. Clinton, though, was 100% in it. She who presided over the destruction of Libya, then left others to struggle with the resultant chaos across the Middle East and Europe, and was lining up to be every bit as nasty as Trump is going to be over Palestine and other areas where the US have been facilitating hell.

But even Trump has a silver lining – for one thing, the US is now out in the streets protesting racism and the lack of democracy. For another, whilst Brexit made the TTIP situation somewhat uncertain, the Trump presidency throws it into utter disarray. Corporate-friendly trade treaties between the US and the EU are just one area of politics where Trump is as anti-establishment as you could wish but so far, I’ve not heard many people raising a cheer over that.

reclaimmadyday-026Come on Remainders and Clintonites – stop mourning, get into gear and use the situation  in front of you. We’ll need to work much harder to protect the vulnerable – the UK and the US are both now perfectly arranged to cause suffering and conflict in our societies, but we can also use the obvious faults in how things are now to inspire more change, and change that’s definitely for the better.

Some alternative takes on the Trump/Clinton situation…



An article went round Facebook the other day listing all the terrible things the government did “while the BBC was telling you all about Trump”. I knew all those things already. If you still prefer watching the BBC and complaining about it to getting your news elsewhere, this is the time to explore alternative news sources. Here are some…




reclaimmadyday-007And if you still prefer the BBC to RT because RT is just a mouthpiece for a corrupt government (pot, kettle, black – really!) you are going to see much more of the racism, prejudice and cruelty that is the USA now, because the BBC can have fun pointing out Trump’s part in it. Wake up, switch the TV off, switch yourself on and join the fightback…

The People’s Assembly against Austerity   http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/

TUC how to join a union   https://www.tuc.org.uk/join-union

Or join the political party of your choice – yes, they’re all full of corruption and complacency but more and more people are joining up with the intention of shaking them up – and it’s working. You can tell by the squawks coming from the parliamentary parties. These are interesting times. Join in!

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