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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brexit – A View From Across The Channel

Here is a view of Brexit from across the channel by Claus Madsen

I am not employed by any institution of the EU, but I’ve worked with the EU for more than two decades and I regularly spendtime in Brussels. I’m writing these lines, because in following the discussions here in Indy, it increasingly seems to me that the British don’t get it

Over (too) many years, the UK has dragged its feet on just about any European initiative and now, whether on purpose or not, it’s dragging its feet on the Brexit process. Understandable, perhaps, as it may be you need to2 realise that by now, you’ve lost every bit of good-will that may have existed on the continent.

Be assured that there is no interest or willingness whatsoever to come up with or agree to any sweetheart deal with the UK. That is not just the case for the 27 governments but also in the world of industry and commerce. We know that Brexit will involve an economical headache. It will mainly be for the UK, but it will also hit us on the continent. But this has not just been understood by now. It has also been accepted.

So to those Brexiteers who believe that the sheer might of the UK market will help obtaining allies among Europe’s industries, I say: Forget it. Without any need at all, you’ve decided to burn the bridges.

There’s no way of crossing dry-footed. Swim you must.

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