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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Elite – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving To The Plebs

Jobs of the future may not have stable hours, holiday pay, sick pay, or pensions, the Work and Pensions Secretary has said. But did he say all he thought. We have added a few extra comments to what he said. You may have trouble selecting what was said to what was not. Then again is there any difference.

Damian Green described the trend in employment practices towards the so-called “gig economy” as “exciting” and said the changes had “huge potential” for him and his mates to exploit the plebs once again.

All those on the right (the Tories, UKIP ETC) see this as a great opportunity for the working classes to really get on. No longer will they be forced to take holidays. They will take back control when they are sick – go to work and injure their health or stay at home and starve. And no longer will they have to worry about retirement because there simply will not be one. They can look forward to years of additional work (or poverty) until they die. This is a wonderful gift from the elite to the good old working classes.

Green said in a speech at the Reform think-tank on Wednesday morning: “Just a few years ago the idea of a proper job meant a job that brings in a fixed monthly salary, with fixed hours, paid holidays, sick pay, a pension scheme and other contractual benefits. Well we the Tories don’t think this is good for the working classes. It makes them soft and caring. They start wanting things like equality for all. A decent start in life for the plebs.”

“But the gig economy has changed all that. We’ve seen the rise of the everyday entrepreneur. People now own their time and control who receives their services and when.”

“They can pick and mix their employers, their hours, their offices, their holiday patterns. This is one of the most significant developments in the labour market. The potential is huge and the change is exciting. Of course me and my mates would love to be in the same position as these plebs but we are forced into guaranteed wages, holiday pay, lots of lovely expenses and of course an excellent pension. People think being an MP and part of the2 elite is easy but where’s the excitement? We have an assured future whereas all these plebs have the thrill of an uncertain future, if any”

Green also says that the private sector and voluntary sector should be more involved in the provision of welfare services. Now some of you may see that as privatization of public services like the NHS but of course this is not the case. Virgin have just taken over a large part of one NHS service to help the community. You lucky people. “The Government is a necessary, but not sufficient provider of welfare,” Green said.

The minister made a small concession to critics of the Government’s benefit sanctions system, announcing that he would extend hardship payments available to sanctioned people to a wider group. By these it is believed he is referring to those elite that are not currently saving money by the increase in death duty threshold due to no one dying in their family at this time.

For your information. The “gig economy” is the idea that technological change will make stable jobs less prevalent and that more people will instead work a number of casual “gigs” as a self-employed person. A significant growth in the numbers of people self-employed in recent years has however been accompanied by falling incomes for self-employed people. Still that’s not how it will be presented to the millions that read The Sun, Mail and other right wing lie papers is it.

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