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Sunday, March 18, 2018

One day the canker of racism will truly be consigned to history

A short while ago we published an article based on the  comments by a colleague of our Bring Back News To The BBC Facebook Page. The article was ‘The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express – Time To Call Out These Racist Rags Of Hate’ and can be read here.

Below we have printed a comment from a reader regarding this article. The reader uses the avatar ‘Rebelyon’ and we do not know his or her name but we do know we agree with the philosophy of the comments. In it Rebelyon refers to me but the writer of the piece is as stated not me but a colleague. This does not of course distract from the sentiments expressed. The closest I came to ‘racism’ was having to endure daily taunts about my London ‘cockney’ accent whilst teaching in Manchester. Pretty mild stuff to what some have to endure often on a daily basis. Rebelyon’s comment follows.

There’s nowt so blind as them that won’t see!!

Ken, it makes me so sad when I read how you’ve had to put up with offensive name calling for most of your life and, whilst I shouldn’t, I always do feel like I should apologise on behalf of the vast majority of white people in this country and I sincerely do so.

Tackling racism isn’t something we should ever sit back and rest on our laurels about, it needs to be challenged all the time because just when you think you’re on the road to consigning it to history some new manifestation will crop up which can make it hard to believe that there was ever an end in sight.

In addition to the old white versus anyone of colour, we now have black versus Asian, Asian versus Muslim, black versus Muslim, eastern European (where the race relations and racial equality strides made in the west have yet to happen at all) versus anyone of colour.

I’m not suggesting that any of these groups are inherently racist because obviously no group is but the press is doing a great job of divide and conquer right now and as long as they are getting away with it, as long as we all let them get away with it, a policy designed to ferment tension and stop us from uniting against the real enemies will grow and prosper and feed on itself and we will all be the losers.

One day the canker of racism will truly be consigned to history but in the meantime it’s up to all of us to stand up to it whenever and wherever it manifests itself. On a personal level amongst our friends, acquaintances and co-workers or in the streets, on the terraces or in the pubs.

On a larger scale we need to fight the press barons and politicians who promote discord for their own rotten ends. Fight them everywhere. Write to your MPs, write to the Press, complain to IPSO when the press barons go too far, do anything, anywhere and everything we can. We must.

Don’t let anyone get away with it without being challenged and one day, one day we really will see true equality for all.

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