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Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Cannot Believe Some British/Foreign Nationals In The UK Voted Brexit

This is a reprint of a comment in the Independent. We have reserved the authors avatar.

I cannot believe some British/foreign nationals in UK voted Brexit, naiveness or stupidity, you choose.

It was absolutely sad and pathetic to watch, the day after the vote, people with foreign accents and people with Indian (lets generalize) ancestry roots, CELEBRATING! overwhelmingly happily that the leave vote had won.

Didn’t they see who was behind the leave campaign? Nigel Farage!!! the head figure of the most racist party in UK.

I arrived to UK 20 years ago, became UK citizen 10 years later and left UK  three months ago. I did not leave because the Leave vote won but because I was already fed up with the growing British racism  since the credit crunch back in 2008. I am the typical West European looking man with the typical West European education, a degree and a postgraduate qualification and bilingual. Every time I had to talk to a customer service on the phone, I had to pray to what ever god was available in that moment to help me to get a “No racist British customer service representative” or at least a “foreign customer service representative”.

Racism started to grow in UK thanks to the “lets look the other way” UK government attitude when people like the toxic Farage was stacking his large fuel logs of racism into the fireplace of British minds. Shame of you Farage!! shame on you. And shame on the British Government for allowing it.

There are 1.5 million British born Citizens who have registered their residence in any of the 27 EU countries but what British people did not hear before the vote is that there are other 1.5 million British born Citizens who live part time in Europe without being registered residents and now they do not have enough residence time to ask for citizenship within two years.

Basically, foreigners living in UK whether they are Doctors, nurses, engineers, Professors, cleaners, food workers etc are starting to feel like living the  Germany as a Jew  in the 1930s, where the wrong surname, skin color or2 wrong accent raises apathy, intolerance and lack of interest.

I look at the British past with nostalgia, everything was so brilliant, Britain was the good human rights standard to be followed. The pillar of tolerance and civilization. I wanted to in UK and I wanted to be British.

I gave my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I upheld its democratic values. I observed its laws faithfully and fulfilled my duties and obligations as a British citizen. But now we the foreign people that have helped to build UK to what it is now are being let down by the hate of a big part of the British society and their new government.

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