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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fictional I, Daniel Blake Meet The Real Life I, Susan Bate – The Daily Tragedy Of Tory Briton

We have reprinted this directly from the web. I, Daniel Blake was a work of fiction based on true facts. This is not a work of fiction but the true circumstances that many of the people suffer in this country today. A very sad but becoming common story. Please respect the author’s wishes given at the end of this piece.

I, Susan Bate

Susan Bate was my mom, she was a single parent who worked while my Nan looked after me. Five years later my brother was born (his dad did a runner before the birth).
My brother was born with cerebral palsy and learning disabilities so Sue had to give up work to become his full time carer. This was in a time when being a single mother was frowned upon but she did her best to raise us and we never went without. She fulfilled the role of mother and father more than adequately doing the decorating, gardening, repairs and sweeping the chimney (we still had a coal fire at the time).

Later, my grandmother became ill and Sue had to become her full time carer, as well as looking after elderly neighbours who lived alone. On top of all this she took in numerous stray animals and helped to re-home many of them.

My grandmother eventually died and Sue never recovered from the bereavement and fell into severe depression. Her physical health also started to deteriorate from the effects of pushing my gran’s wheelchair and lifting her in and out of it causing Sue to suffer osteoarthritis in her spine. She also suffered from crippling migraines and couldn’t use monitors or be in artificial light for long without having an attack.

She became deaf in later life, this caused vertigo and she started to suffer with anxiety as a result of feeling vulnerable from not being able to adjust to deafness and also could no longer use the phone and struggled communicating with people she didn’t know.

Although she never smoked in her life she also developed asthma.

Things first started getting difficult with the introduction of the bedroom tax, as I’d left home years ago and my brother was in supported living Sue was left in a three bedroom house she didn’t need but had to pay tax on two bedrooms. Sue was desperate to move out as she was struggling with both the stairs and the bedroom tax but the council only offered her flats in rough areas, she was found stairs a challenge so a flat was not an option.

Then she had to go in for a fit for work assessment and was found fit for work even with her illnesses (no surprise as people with more severe illnesses have also been found fit for work).
All this started to affect Sue’s health and the stress caused her to suffer high blood pressure.
Her doctor intervened and the job centre left her alone for a while, when she was sixty one the council gave her a bungalow so things got a bit better.

Just after her sixty third birthday she was called into the job centre for an interview and things got bad again.
She was interviewed by a young girl and spoke to like scum, she was told her illnesses would probably get better, she would have to learn to use the internet (Sue couldn’t use monitors without a migraine attack) and start looking for work or have her benefits stopped, she was sixty three years old, 9 months off retirement and registered disabled.

She couldn’t cope with all the worry and started to suffer from stress causing her blood pressure to rocket. Her increased blood pressure caused her to have a massive brain haemorrhage and she died four days later on the 14.12.2016 aged sixty three.

On the day of her death a letter was sent out from the health assessment advisory service calling her in for another assessment.

The bullying and Harassment from the DWP was too much for her to cope with and it was this stress that killed her, she was a victim of the policies of this vile Tory government.
None of it is about getting people into work but about cutting benefits and driving the sick and the vulnerable into early graves. My mother is just another victim of this state sanctioned euthanasia program. Anyone who works for these departments is responsible for the suffering and misery of thousands. People might say “they’re just doing their job” but the Nazis were also just doing their job, just one used gas chambers and the other uses bureaucracy.

Please don’t use my Mom’s tragic story to attack immigrants,foreign aid or so called benefit cheats, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the billions robbed from the country by bankers and big businesses, any money saved from austerity doesn’t go back into the pot but into their banks

R.I.P. Susan Bate 03.09.1953 -14.12.2016 See more

2 Responses “Fictional I, Daniel Blake Meet The Real Life I, Susan Bate – The Daily Tragedy Of Tory Briton”

  1. 9th January 2017 at 9:59 am

    Breaks my heart, it is true and stories like this could paper the walls of a large cathedral or public building. Until people identify with their community and alter the political wastelands we will hear more and more of this. Journalists are just frightened people with psychophantic editors, it’s a media career, not a commitment to social freedoms. The BBC has compounded this with outright censorship and lies. Depressing and true.
    Physician heal thyself

  2. Anonymous
    25th April 2017 at 6:40 pm

    What a very tragic and totally avoidable situation. This country is run by a bunch of criminals,

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