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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Labour Voter Says Fuck Labour – Maybe

The following comment by bifess was in reply to the comment in italics below by GuyFawkesForPM. It refers to an article in the Guardian. Read the full article here.

Watching them file in to vote for A50 with the Tories, as the official opposition, I vowed never to vote Labour again as long as I live. Fuck Labour.

The attitude of some people who claim to be Labour voters truly amazes me at times.

If Corbyn had decided to support remain can you not imagine the disgust and outpouring of articles there would have been in the right wing press about it?

In real terms he was damned if he did support remain and also appears damned if he did not.

May wanted to remain in the EU and is now heading down the path of a hard Brexit and despite that fact it appears people are more willing to lambast Corbyn than they are to lambast May.

I voted remain personally and even I can see that Corbyn was in a no win position no matter what stance he took.

For me there is also a far larger question that needs to be answered but sadly is being largely ignored. All of the other politicians in Labour are Just as much to blame as Corbyn. All of them could have decided to put their differences aside in the national interest and start working as an effective opposition but sadly many of them have decided to continually undermine Corbyn rather than focus on undermining this incompetent Tory government.

At what point do people start standing up and holding them all responsible rather than solely blaming Corbyn? He is not a one man army. No man is an island and it is impossible to run an effective opposition alone.

As a result people should be working to try and bridge the divides rather than continually push those divides even further apart. All this infighting is going to rip the Labour party apart.

I am about as poor as you can get in this country. Over the last 6-7 years I have had to watch many Labour politicians vote for Tory policies like the welfare reforms. Despite the fact that those policies have had a rather drastic effect on me personally and others like me I am still attempting to understand the views of those who oppose Corbyn but to be frank I find their continual whinging rather one dimensional. I truly wish they were capable of a little compromise in order to get behind the Labour party as we will never have an effective opposition if we continue on down this path.

Labour lost the last 2 general elections precisely because they failed to oppose the Tories and here we are 7 years later and still some people prefer to undermine the Labour leader rather than attempt to find some middle ground.

One thing I can tell you is that I will not be voting Labour if they return to voting for Tory reforms like the welfare reforms.

Fuck those who are only interested in their own narrow view is sadly the conclusion I am coming to as people like me are going to be left destitute with what is going on in our country.

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