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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Archives for October 5, 2017

May Is Back On The ‘No Deal Is Better Than A Bad Deal’ Lunacy Drug. Maybot Escapes Rehabilitation Centre

This post was adapted from a comment in The Independent 05/10/17 Theresa May sought to “reassure” the Tory faithful that she is still ready to crash out of the EU with no Brexit deal if necessary – and is making preparations. A pro-EU group criticised the Prime Minister when she used her conference speech to

BREXIT! Get Ready For Some Real Austerity

Comment under The Guardian article ‘Boris Johnson has wrecked the Tories. He should own the wreckage’ by Ian Birrell. Comment contributor Dutch European Prepare for more austerity! A bad Brexit is the sideshow that will enable the biggest prize of all: deregulate the Banks. Chaos is the best way to achieve the real objective by stealth.

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