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Thursday, January 24, 2019

So The Maybot’s Got A New Slogan. See If You Can Spot It In This Article

Theresa May has dismissed the idea she might be ousted by disgruntled Conservative MPs, saying she will carrying on providing “calm leadership” as prime minister and that she has the complete support of her cabinet.

“Now, what the country needs is calm leadership, and that’s what I’m providing, with the full support of my cabinet,” she said. “And next week I’m going to be updating MPs on my Florence speech, which has given real momentum to the Brexit talks.

Speaking to reporters in her Maidenhead constituency after Grant Shapps, the former Tory party chairman, said even some of her ministers say privately she should step aside, May insisted she planned to carry on with business as usual. This basically means screwing the UK in to the ground.

“And I will also be introducing a draft bill to cap energy prices, which will stop ordinary working families form being ripped off.”

NOTE: That’s a May election pledge that was subject to a U turn after the election and now is subject to another U turn. Are you keeping up?

May was then asked about the efforts led by Greg Shapps to gather sufficient support among Tory MPs to force a leadership contest following a disastrous party conference, May said for the second time in the one interview

“What I think is necessary for the country now, what the country needs, is calm leadership. That’s exactly what I’m providing, and I’m providing that with the full support of my cabinet.”

The environment secretary, Michael Gove, appeared on the BBC to lend his support to May, saying she had “shown grace and grit” this week and a leadership election was not the correct way forward. Later of course he was wrestled to the floor after attempting to stab May in the back. He later apologised and saying it was an automatic response.

Now I am pretty sure you have spotted that May has decided this weeks Maybot loop tape will include the terms ‘calm leadership’ and ‘full support of my cabinet’.

Here’s a quote from Psychology Today –

People want to follow calm and assertive leaders:

(1) Leaders who are calm but not assertive are easy targets for others to ignore.  They fail to inspire colleagues, customers, or bosses.

(2) Leaders who are assertive but not calm create anxiety at the very time they seek to reassure.

So which of the above would you put May in (1) or (2). Or do you in fact feel she provides calm and assertive leadership. If the latter please consider seeking help.

Personally I think that as May has said her particular style of leadership is, in her words ‘calm leadership’ then the Psychology Today web site needs to redefine their explanation in some way that demonstrates chaotic, mind numbing, useless, indecisive  leadership and its affect on people.

Now the ‘full support of my cabinet’. Where to begin. Perhaps a few names from the cabinet are needed and then you can decide if you would feel happy with them standing behind you.

Boris (World Class Buffoon) Johnson. Amber (The Bankruptcy Queen) Rudd. David (where’s my arse) Davis. Liam (where’s Werritty) Fox. Michael (Mac The Knife) Gove. Philip (Totally Clueless) Hammond. Michael (Let’s get the youth employed – start a war) Fallon. Jeremy (Top Historian ‘The Tories created the NHS’) Hunt. Andrea (Airhead) Leadsom. Damien (If you’re still breathing you can work) Green. Priti (Me, I, I, Me, Me) Patel.

Now personally I would prefer these people were behind me, about fifty miles behind me. But apparently May thinks they are strong supporters of her leadership.

I have only one thing to say in conclusion. Three months max.


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