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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Posts On May’s Brexit Speech To Parliament

Daily Mirror.

” we have the interest of UK Citizens at heart ”  Two points.
1. Do you have any evidence that you care about the interests of UK citizens? I can’t find any. All i can find is wage caps, benefit caps, cuts, closures, public asset sales, sanctions, grave and systematic disability rights violations, human catastrophes due to policy changes, fraud investigations, Tax haven links to Ministers, Value of pound falling, Debt rising, Credit rating reductions, Child poverty and homelessness rising, record foodbank use, thousands dying or killing themselves shortly after being found fit for work etc
2. When did you ever have a heart?

The Guardian

May: Brexit deal will prove ‘doomsayers’ wrong

The Brexit supporting Torygraph must also be the ‘doomsayers’ as they had this headline:

Exclusive: Public trust in Theresa May’s handling of Brexit talks hits all-time low
The study by ORB International  – seen by The Telegraph – found that nearly two thirds of people disapprove of the Government’s Brexit negotiations.
The findings suggest that Mrs May’s much trumpeted speech in Florence has failed to convince Britons that her team will make a success of the Brexit talks.
They will also throw into question the justification of Mrs May’s supporters of why she has to remain as Prime Minister.

I also notice that there is a real clown in 10 Downing St. (..and I’m not referring to her dress code)

Theresa May is to dramatically raise the stakes in the Brexit negotiations by warning EU chiefs that the “ball is in your court”…

Didn’t Theresa Mayhem realised that when she triggered A50, she was basically doing that herself and losing control to the EU ?

The Guardian

I’d like to ask those people a question who are objecting to the idea of a second referendum on the results of the Brexit negotiations: How many people, do you believe, made their choice properly informed about what Brexit entailed, and how the outcome would be?

If the number is low (I’d say less than 1000), wouldn’t that be a valid reason to ask your citizens again, now that they finally got at least a bit more clarity which they didn’t have before? To me, the whole Brexiteer club reminds me more of a bait-and-switch scam artist who insists that no matter what, he got his signature from before.

The Indi

The backwoods men in the Commons are still dreaming of a no deal and then running round to Trump’s office (despite Bombardier) led by the Uxbridge lion.

The Mail Online

She can’t win. If she acts in the best interests of the country – Tory Rebellion. If she goes against the 37% of the electorate who voted out – uproar. If we crash out without any transition arrangements – chaos as she can’t get enough of a consensus to put the required measures in place (not that there is enough time now with all this political infighting instead of dealing with the issues).

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