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Thursday, January 24, 2019

BREXIT – For The Few, Not The Many

Prepare for more austerity! A bad Brexit is the sideshow that will enable the biggest prize of all: deregulate the Banks.

Chaos is the best way to achieve the real objective by stealth.

To those who think deregulating and removing red tape sounds as a fantastic idea: these are the regulations that were put in place on the banking system to prevent a repeat of the 2008 crash for which the banks needed to be bailed out and the people paid for with a decade of austerity. Most of these regulations come from the EU.

To achieve this success for the upper-upper class, the dirtiest weapon has been deployed: nationalism.

It should be pretty obvious that the nationalism wielding wing of the Conservatives (see the membership list of the ERG if ever published) have as their main aim to achieve this deregulation by changing the UK into an illiberal democracy with them settled in power.

A list of examples of their actions and outspoken ideas to achieve this:
# Henry the VIII powers after Brexit
#Aim to deregulate the social fabric of society by deregulating protections for people
# Willingness to buy a parliamentary majority
# Collaboration with the illiberal Polish political party PiS in the European Parliament (ECR group)
# the consistent hammering on the ECJ because it actually is the last resort to which people will be able to rely to get fair hearing
# Challenging the independence of the Judiciary (traitors of the people according to their tabloids)
# the creation of a nefarious free market lobby group supported by Jonson and run by Hannan http://ifreetrade.org/
# Rees Mogg testimony to the House of Lords on Brexit
# Johnson speech at Conservative conference

Britain could slash environmental and safety regulations on imported products after it leaves the EU Jacob Rees-Mogg has said regulations that were “good enough for India” could be good enough for the UK. Pretty good for the undertaking industry as well as the chart here shows 3500 deaths in the top ten states in India over two years. Is this an investment opportunity Rees-Mogg?  Rees-Mogg further argues that the UK could go “a very long way” to rolling back high EU standards. These are standards in place to protect the rampant abuse the likes of Rees-Mogg and company would unleash on the British public in their unjustifiable lust for more profit, wealth and power. Was there ever a more exquisitely polite thug than Jacob Rees-Mogg?

These nationalist Conservatives need the hardest of Brexit to achieve their goals. It will put the general population with their backs economically against the wall while being fed that it is all fault of the EU that more austerity is needed.

They ran an illigally over financed campaign based on lies. Perhaps these lies may come back to bite some of them on the bum as Boris Johnson may well find out. But is the damage already done?

And when the people eventually live in this new deregulated, privatised NHS, reduced state pensions, workers-right-free country and decide they should complain they will simply be told “we did the will of the people”. And so they did (at least 52 or 37% that is).

All of this is only possible when the UK will leave the EU.

Time for a respectable politicians to stand up and speak the truth.

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