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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blog With Us

blogwithusAt afairersociety.uk we now have a small number of contributors. These are people like you that feel they have something worth saying but are frustrated by only saying it to a few people or even just the TV. Some are a bit tekky and write their posts directly on the site whereas others just send their posts to us as an email. We then lay them out If like me you have spent the past several years shouting at the TV as it relentlessly points out the wonders of a for them before posting. Willie MvKenna sends his excellent posts to us in that way.

 So what about you? If you feel you have something to say but do not know how to get it out there perhaps we can help. Just write down what you have to say using a word processor and save your blog in text format. You can attach pictures if you wish but it is not necessary. We will read your work and lay it out in a format ready for the web site. This will include adding pictures as they are essential to get a good published blog. Then we will show you the finished page and if all parties agree your published. Sure the TV will lose out but many other will gain from reading your point of view, observations or opinions. If you are confident at using a computer then we will put you on as a Contributor which gives you access to our on-line system allowing you to write and edit your article directly on this site. Its up to you.

blogJust a few provisos.

  1. afairersociety.uk is a left-wing, centre of the road blog so we will not publish blogs that would be better published in large number of right-wing newspapers.

  2. The blog needs to be factually true. No rumours.

  3. No sexism, racism ETC will be published.

  4. We have the final word on whether or not to publish. You have the final word on the contents, layout of your piece

  5. Its your blog and copyright remains with you.

  6. We do not give any guarantees on the date of publishing accepted blogs but will try to publish at the relevant time.

  7. So when you’re ready send your blog to myblog@afairersociety.uk. Happy blogging

  8. Or you can contact us here

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