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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Boris Johnson

BREXIT! Get Ready For Some Real Austerity

Comment under The Guardian article ‘Boris Johnson has wrecked the Tories. He should own the wreckage’ by Ian Birrell. Comment contributor Dutch European Prepare for more austerity! A bad Brexit is the sideshow that will enable the biggest prize of all: deregulate the Banks. Chaos is the best way to achieve the real objective by stealth.

Let’s Stop Abusing The Rich. Concentrate On The Homeless.

As this article is about Boris Johnson perhaps an alternative title could be ‘Boris Johnson As PM? Better To Have Homer Simpson’  Over the past few weeks it has become obvious that through his own deeds and words that Boris Johnson would make an outstandingly bad and probably ridiculous Prime Minister. I asked the question

Would Boris Johnson Make A Good PM?

Boris Johnson has recently come out in favour of the UK leaving the EU. There has been speculation in the press over the past few days that Johnson is playing the field in his attempts to succeed David Cameron as the Tory leader and thereby get his feet under the table of Number 10. It is

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