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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Voter Says Fuck Labour – Maybe

The following comment by bifess was in reply to the comment in italics below by GuyFawkesForPM. It refers to an article in the Guardian. Read the full article here. Watching them file in to vote for A50 with the Tories, as the official opposition, I vowed never to vote Labour again as long as I live.

2017: How Many Corbyn Supporters does it take to Change… anything? (long read)

Apparently, our problem is “Blairites”. We’re not supposed to say “Blairite” any more and “moderates” is a misnomer – this isn’t about left and right. Perhaps the word is “modernisers”. Blair claimed he was a “moderniser” and therefore, whatever he wanted to do was “modern”. Hence “Progress”, I guess. They are the reason we who

Time For The PLP To Join The Labour Party

  Firstly, may I say as a Labour Party member of several years I did vote in the leadership election. And at this time I am more than willing to say I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. What were my reasons for voting for him? Well overwhelmingly it was the action of the majority of members

Momentum Hastings group photo

A Challenge to Momentum: The Hero with 12,000 Faces

Back in June, a political columnist gave a talk in Hastings about recent goings on in parliament. Dozens of people missed it because there was a vitally important Labour Party meeting the same night and, utterly distracted by the run-up to party executive and leadership elections, they didn’t notice until it was too late to

CORBYN by Richard Seymour - book cover

The Battle Ahead: review of Richard Seymour’s “CORBYN: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics”

If you are frustrated by the inertia, corruption and alienation of modern politics; if you are impressed by the occasional individual – Caroline Lucas perhaps – who manages to fight their way into our political system without losing their grip on reality, then you are probably praying Jeremy Corbyn survives in government. If that’s how

Is Prime Minister Corbyn Even A Possibility?

Before you read another word, I want to declare my full support for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party. I would also like to see him winning the post of Prime Minister, surrounded by a Cabinet of mixed talent, of the type John McDonnell has announced he plans to recruit if and when

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