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Thursday, December 13, 2018


You Pay For My Daughter To Live In Luxury So What’s The Problem Paying For Her Wedding? Prince Andrew.

If only Prince Andrew was allowed to say what he really feels. Could this be what he would say? First let me quote from that excellent magazine ‘Hello. ‘Princess Eugenie is the next member of the royal family to get married, and we can’t wait! The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson will be tying the knot with

What Possible Good Are Taxpayers If They Can’t Keep Prince Andrew’s Daughters In Luxury – Well I Ask You

Campaign group Republic has called on MPs to launch a full-scale investigation into the royal expenses scandal. The call follows reports that Prince Andrew is demanding more money from the taxpayer, to fund his daughters’ lifestyles. In a letter to the Queen, Andrew demanded the Princesses be housed in Kensington Palace – claiming they should be on

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