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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Posts On May’s Brexit Speech To Parliament

Daily Mirror. ” we have the interest of UK Citizens at heart ”  Two points. 1. Do you have any evidence that you care about the interests of UK citizens? I can’t find any. All i can find is wage caps, benefit caps, cuts, closures, public asset sales, sanctions, grave and systematic disability rights violations,

A Fairer Society. No Chance Whilst The Tories Are In Charge.

Britain’s billionaires have seen their net worth more than double since the recession, with the richest 1,000 families now controlling a total of £658bn. While average UK incomes have yet to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with tens of thousands still flocking to food banks, the financial elite have emerged

If You Think Brexit Is A Good Idea Then Read This

Comment under The Guardian article ‘The Guardian view on WTO rules: not a Brexit safety net’ Comment contributor Andrew Harrison. Edited by Ken Long The perceived wisdom in the Brexit camp is that when we leave the EU we will be able to start trading using an already defined set of tariffs and quotas using WTO

Labour Voter Says Fuck Labour – Maybe

The following comment by bifess was in reply to the comment in italics below by GuyFawkesForPM. It refers to an article in the Guardian. Read the full article here. Watching them file in to vote for A50 with the Tories, as the official opposition, I vowed never to vote Labour again as long as I live.

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