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Monday, August 21, 2017



Labour Voter Says Fuck Labour – Maybe

The following comment by bifess was in reply to the comment in italics below by GuyFawkesForPM. It refers to an article in the Guardian. Read the full article here. Watching them file in to vote for A50 with the Tories, as the official opposition, I vowed never to vote Labour again as long as I live.


Crisis – What Crisis. The NHS Safe In Tory Hands (And The Rest)

Back in 2010 the Conservatives under David Cameron’s leadership said “We will increase spending on health in real terms every year,”. This is what the Conservatives promised in their 2010 general election manifesto. Probably more than any other pledge, it defined David Cameron’s attempt to win back enough trust for the “nasty party” to return


So It Seems You are Also Probably Related To Benedict Cumberbatch And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle As Well

Here’s an interesting example of how the press constantly give out half-truths and misleading information. This from a comment in the Indy. It is interesting that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle share John O’Gaunt as a common ancestor, but perhaps not such a coincidence when the statistics are considered. Each of us has

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