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Sunday, March 18, 2018

About Us

This site is unashamedly biased to a socialist agenda. We make no apologies for this.

The national press in the UK and in fact in most of the world is now controlled by a small group of billionaires who push a right-wing agenda based on the market knows best. In most cases these owners do not live in or pay personal taxes to the countries they seek to influence politically. They have no agenda for a ‘hands off’ approach to the contents of their newspapers and almost without exception support the conservative approach to politics for reasons of personal gain.

Like many other sites found on the web today this site tries to at least make some attempt to balance the argument. Please support us if you can, not financially we ask for no money, but by spreading the word.

If you feel you would like to say something on this site please look here.

Many thanks.

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